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Under Sail

Retirement living or retirement lifestyle?

Posted Monday, 8 May 2017

Are you aiming to idle away your retirement years or make every day count? Don’t really see yourself as a grey nomad? Tasmania has some of the finest waterways in Australia, so why not explore them from the deck of your own boat? A real boat, with all the comforts of home, like the renowned Jeanneau sail or power craft. Jeanneaus can be found in every harbour of the world, and are a popular choice of the cruising fraternity. With performance, quality build and easy handling, a Jeanneau is well within the capabilities of a senior couple. Queensland coast, here we come!

Is one of you a bit past sailing? Maybe not as nimble as you'd like? After something more substantial? The Integrity range of powerboats is descended from a long line of seaworthy, trawler-style hulls. From the solid rails on the duckboard, to the walk around decks and single-level living space, these boats suit even the most mobility-challenged. With comfort levels similar to your average home unit, you can live aboard as long as you like. Why not skip the gardening, lose the power bills, and move aboard permanently?
You want to leave a bit of your hard-earned to the kids, don’t you? Here’s how: buy new. New boat, new systems, minimal maintenance and replacement costs compared to buying pre-loved. Reputable brands hold their value, so you get all the benefits of a boat that is truly yours; your own choices of décor, instrumentation and options, plus a high percentage of your money back when you sell. A favourable exchange rate means this is an excellent time to buy new. Paul Nanscawen of Boat Sales Tasmania has noticed a rise in sales to retirees who want their senior years rich in lifestyle and shared experiences, and who realise the time to act is now. Why not give him a call?

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