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NEWS - Sun Odyssey 410

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 "Best Midsize Cruiser Over 38 Feet"


Finally, Simon also ­compared the sailing characteristics with that of its larger 49-foot sibling. “The stability is impressive,” he said. “We sailed hard and turned hard, and always stayed under control. We just had total and instant response. We weren’t going to round up at all. It wasn’t a question. So it’s a really nice boat that performed well. In a lot of ways, this was Jeanneau’s year.”

Truer words couldn’t be spoken. For 2019, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 is CW’s Best Midsize Cruiser Over 38 Feet.

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The first of the Sun Odyssey 410 models will be in Australia in April 2019

SO410 CW Winner_2019

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